His experience with large-scale information services developed during his decade as founding P/CEO of the continuingly successful Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, and his radio journalism with VoiceAmerica for his successful talk show, Family Caregivers Unite.

He holds the British equivalents of the North American PhD and MD degrees, and LLD, Honoris Causa, Simon Fraser University, Canada. Prior to retiring from medical practice, his medical specialties were occupational medicine and public health.

His current Involvements include life memberships of the Canadian Medical Association and the Ontario Medical Association, membership of the BC Civil Liberties Association, member and donor, Party for People with Special Needs, and accreditation as journalist for Ipsos North America and the British Medical Journal.

His career highlights include tenured, full-time positions, including departmental chair, in university faculties of engineering, physics, and medicine in Britain and Canada. He represented Canada at the International Labour Organization, where he chaired a group of international scientists charged with developing a code of practice for the safe use of asbestos, a sensitive topic for Canada. The code remains current as of January, 2015.

He won a contested election as an English Liberal to municipal government in Britain. 

Leadership of EQualitative Research

EQualitative Research was founded and is led and owned by Dr. Gordon Atherley, a physician retired from medical practice.

He founded EQualitative Research to link researchers’ insights, ideas and investigations with advanced, time-saving computer-based methods for qualitative research.

His work focuses on an important but sensitive field of investigation: individuals’ personal lives, narratives, experiences of mental and physical illnesses and persistent disabilities, family caregiving, interactions with healthcare, social and other major systems and services, and views on controversies.

He commits EQualitative Research to the principles of advanced, ethical journalism.

His involvement with qualitative research began with his research for his earned doctorate in Epidemiology and Biostatics, which catalyzed important shifts in workplace health and safety legislation in Britain, throughout Europe, and beyond.

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