Exploring Experiences


EQualitative Research innovations link researchers’ research questions to advanced, time-saving computer-based methods

1.     Respecting the principles of advanced, ethical journalism

2.     Offering training and modelling using some 400 Episodes of                     Family Caregivers Unite archived over 5 years

3.     Enabling economical creation of archives for historical and                       trend analyses and identification of valid generalizations
4.     Handling knowledge usefully by

a.) comparing across cultures, communities, contexts,                  calendars, conditions, conferences, clienteles
b.) deriving predictions from widely-based generalizations
c.) framing policies and guidelines for key populations
d.) giving voice to individuals, groups and communities
e.) identifying additional questions for further research
f.)  identifying topics and queries for service-quality studies
g.) supplying themes for media publications, promotional               purposes and discussion papers
h.) tracking changes

a.) generating queries through iterative processing
b.) supporting classifications and exploring taxonomy
c.) transcribing audio recordings to text, in various languages

What: EQualitative Research

5.     Developing findings insightfully by

EQualitative Research provides innovative services for qualitative studies of individuals’ first-hand-experiences which have involved reactions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Concern
  • Fear
  • Insights and knowledge
  • Inspiration and ideas
  • Perspectives
  • Understandings and misunderstandings

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